Karen -

It is I who should be thanking you for your wonderful treats!  I had a pregnant girl who decided she did not want to eat in the two weeks prior to delivery of her pups.  But by adding your treats to her regular dog food, I was able to keep her well-feed for the duration of her pregnancy.  Even after her pups' delivery a week ago, she still demands that your liver treats are added to her meals.  I made the mistake of not adding any a few days ago, and she shunned that meal!  I'd love to purchase more of your treats. 

Thanks again for your wonderful product!!

Denise Q.


I thought I'd drop you a note to say the 2 boxes of treats arrived safe and sound yesterday.        
I took the treats to the dog show with me and the dogs were clamoring for them.  I felt like Santa Claus handing out presents.  Thanks again and I'll be sure to hand out your cards.
Best Wishes  
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